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Medical Tourism services offered in Scottsdale, AZ

If you live outside of Arizona or the United States and want to have access to superior knee or hip replacements using advanced robotic technology, consider Scottsdale Hip and Knee in Scottsdale, Arizona. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Ben Albert, MD, encourages medical tourism to take advantage of his exceptional joint surgeries. Call the office to schedule a consultation, or use the online booking feature today.

Medical Tourism Q & A

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism involves traveling to another area or even another country to receive top-quality medical care. Scottsdale Hip and Knee offers this service for Canadians and other patients who don’t live in Arizona. 

Sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, is an outstanding place to visit and undergo joint replacement and other joint surgeries. Scottsdale Hip and Knee offers various price packages that accommodate your needs, budget, and travel preferences. The practice provides preoperative visits and most postoperative visits via telemedicine. 

Medical tourism allows you to receive the best orthopedic care available and the right to choose your surgeon, regardless of where you live.

Why should I choose medical tourism?

The main benefits of medical tourism at Scottsdale Hip and Knee are the ability to receive top-quality, superior medical care and take advantage of revolutionary robotic procedures. Scottsdale is a beautiful and popular tourist destination, and your experience traveling there for knee or hip surgery will be a phenomenal experience.

What should I expect during my medical tourism experience?

Scottsdale Hip and Knee has developed a medical tourism program that allows you to be evaluated virtually and cleared for surgery by your local doctor. The cost of surgery and your lodging at a gorgeous Scottsdale resort is all-inclusive. You can arrive the day before surgery and plan to stay in Scottsdale for about a week.

From the moment you arrive at Scottsdale Hip and Knee, you’ll feel right at home. The practice offers advanced robotic procedures in a state-of-the-art facility that’s comfortable, warm, and welcoming. Dr. Albert can repair, remove tissues, or replace hip or knee components to restore your joint’s function, structure, and range of motion.

After the procedure, you have plenty of time to recover in a comfortable recovery center with overnight stays if needed and 24-hour nursing care specific to orthopedic surgery. You will always receive personalized care and the time and attention you deserve. Your provider closely follows up with you throughout your recovery.

After you travel back home, you can follow up with Dr. Albert via telemedicine and attend physical therapy sessions to ensure successful healing. You may also follow up with your local physician. Contact Dr. Albert any time you have questions, and he’ll be happy to assist you.

To learn more about medical tourism and the benefits of choosing Scottsdale Hip and Knee for joint surgery, call the office or use the online booking feature today.