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Revision Joint Replacement services offered in Scottsdale, AZ

In most cases, joint implant devices work well for decades. However, some implants fail and require revision joint replacement. At Scottsdale Hip and Knee, orthopedic surgeon Ben Albert, MD, has advanced training in revision joint replacement and uses cutting-edge techniques when performing these procedures. To schedule a consultation, call the office in Scottsdale, Arizona, or book an appointment online today.

Revision Joint Replacement Q & A

What is revision joint replacement?

Revision joint replacement is a surgical procedure that fixes or replaces a failed joint implant. 

Though joint replacement surgery helps many people live a full and active life, the implant devices may fail, causing joint pain and stiffness. When this happens, you may need a second surgery to fix or replace your original implant.

Revision joint replacement is more complex than the initial joint replacement surgery and requires special surgical skills. Dr. Albert is a skilled orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in revision joint replacement procedures.

Taking a personalized approach to care, he only recommends surgery after exhausting all nonsurgical options. He performs revision joint replacement for hips and knees.

Who needs revision joint replacement?

Dr. Albert determines who needs revision joint replacement after a consultation. He may recommend the procedure if your current joint implant no longer functions like it should, affecting your mobility or causing pain. 

You may also need revision joint replacement if you have an infection at the joint, the implant is loose, or the implant has shifted from its original position. 

Before moving on to joint replacement revision surgery, Dr. Albert may recommend nonsurgical interventions such as physical therapy, use of a cane or walker, or activity modification. 

Revision joint replacement requires considerable planning and special implants and surgical tools for success.

What happens during revision joint replacement?

Dr. Albert customizes your revision joint replacement procedure and reviews the details at your pre-surgery visit. When possible, Dr. Albert uses robotic- and computer-assisted tools for your revision joint replacement. 

With these advanced surgical tools, Dr. Albert can quickly adjust his surgical plans during your procedure to improve outcomes. 

Though revision joint replacements are individualized, for the procedure, Dr. Albert evaluates your joint, removes the implant, reconstructs your natural bone, and places a new implant. 

What can I expect when recovering from revision joint replacement?

Recovery following revision joint replacement varies. However, you may take longer to recover from the second joint surgery than the first. Dr. Albert refers you to physical therapy to assist in the healing and recovery process. 

To find out more about revision joint replacement, call Scottsdale Hip and Knee or schedule an appointment online today.